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Rusty Seat Base - Official word from my dealer

Just some info for the masses....

Had my car in at the dealer this week to look at the rusty seat base issue and a noise from the AC fan.

The seat base issue has been documented and logged with BMW. The official word I got back was that BMW were announcing a 'fix' for this in February at which point I have to rebook it in.... It would seem that BMW are acknowledging the fault.

What's not clear just yet I guess, is if they will announce a general recall, or wait for individuals to present the fault first (I suspect the later).

I also noted that the service advisor at the dealer was dumbfounded when I first presented it and stated 'they'd never heard of this before'.... Well they have now!!!

The issue with the AC fan was resolved. It was a leaf that had got sucked in. Turns out there's a fix for this as well. They have the required part on order (some kind of grill or filter I guess) which will get fitted at the same time as the seat issue is done.

They also performed a software update to fix a problem with the windscreen wipers stopping at mid positions.