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Originally Posted by KellerKiller View Post
For the velcro question, I have my euro plate on with velcro right now. I don't see how the glue can be any stronger than the stuff they use for the badges, and you can get badges off carefully without damage to the paint. I'm going to AZ next, so I plan on just taking it all off, but if I go somewhere next that requires plates, I may get the retractable option.

If you have parking sensors on the front with Msport bumper, then there is currently no tow hook option that won't interfere with the sensors. Hell, I even had to bend my euro plate a bit and put extra velcro on to avoid the sensors...

Oh, and the velcro has been holding well, even in snow on the autobahn, and even through an unfortunate, but necessary trip through an automatic car wash.
Mine has been on with velcro for almost 2 months in some of the coldest weather we've ever experienced. It's also been through the car wash at least 20 times with zero issues. Not even a hint of lifting or separation. A buddy of mine has been using velcro for years on his various cars with no issues. You just can't go wrong. It's quick, cheap and reliable.