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Originally Posted by Just a 3 View Post
My experience with the F30 has been the test drives I have taken. My point about professional reviewers was made as a case in point. But then comprehension seems to be an issue with you, so no point wasting time.

Second, you asked me, unashamedly, whether 'I knew how to drive' - not 'are you a skilled driver'. So clearly in addition to being an impolite person, you are also a liar....go read your post again.
Professional reviewers? Is it professional to complain about the brakes when you have all season tires fitted, which he (above) said was the case ?

A few test drives are, in my eyes, not enough when you clearly are an owner of what you yourself consider to be a legendary and awesome machine (judging by how you talk about your N54 equipped monster). Bias?

And for your second point, you´re right, I didnt ask "are you a skilled driver" so why insinuate that I did. I used another way of describing "knowing how to drive" with "being skilled", is THAT hard to comprehend. Trying to catch cheap points or what? Well you dropped the ball on that one as well
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