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Originally Posted by GB72 View Post
I've owned my Melbourne red 335i M sport for around 2 weeks now and still running it in, I know some people disagree with running in new cars but its my personal preference and we have had snow since I took delivery so thought I'd have to take it easy in such weather anyway.
The point of this thread is I'm surprised at the amount of dissatisfied owners there are out there, I know the f30 has its foibles as all cars do but I love my car and I'm proud to be able to own such a nice car, in fact I didn't even test drive the car when I bought it! Are you happy with yours???
I'm going to disagree with your assertion that so many folks are dismayed with their F30. There's a current thread asking what it is folks don't like about their F30 and reading that thread, one'll see that there's not (as of yesterday) one single substantive complaint. It's nothing but nit-picks and I find it hard to argue that folks are greatly dissatisfied when the most significant thing decried is that the tail lamps aren't LED, which is not remotely close to the rancor caused by HPFP failures in the E90/E92. Whereas BMW actually lost customers over the HPFP thing, I seriously doubt anyone -- at least rational adults -- will stop buying BMWs solely due to the tail lamps.

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