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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
Absolutely. I smile every time I slide into my seat and turn the key (OK, push the button). As has been said above, complaints will far outnumber compliments in any venue at an alarming ratio (1000:1?). Spend some time trying to do market research and you'll find it's very difficult to get someone to even participate or provide feedback beyond "I'm happy with everything" unless they have something negative to say. Then they're happy to unload and tell you how awful things are.

Average Joe who is happy with a product or experience generally just goes on living and enjoying whatever it is he's purchased. There's really no motivation to go out of their way to tell the world how great something is unless A)they're an actual enthusiast or B) they're prone to gloating.

But an Average Joe who has had a bad experience always seems to feel compelled to tell the world how horrible things are and/or seek others with which to commiserate. The second someone feels something is amiss (or doesn't get their way), they hop online and start searching. As soon as they find what they're looking for it's off to the races. While the whole issue with the rusty seat pans is certainly an anomaly that required correction, it absolutely wasn't the end of the world or an indication that BMW is trying to foist off cheap crap on the unsuspecting public. It was just a matter of time until they determined there were enough floating around that they needed to take action.

Internet forums are both a blessing and a curse. They're great for sharing information and experiences with others who have common interests. But they're also cluttered with so much crap and rants about insignificant issues and conspiracy theories that portray a warped sense of reality.

I've predominantly frequented forums of older vintage models over the last decade or so which tend to be about 98% quality content posted by actual enthusiasts. This is my first foray into a current generation forum and it's a TOTALLY different world. Reason and logic seem to take a backseat to sensationalism and irrational conjecture.
Couldnt agree more. I wish I had never joined this forum. While it can be interesting at times it just made me paranoid about my car and gave me a bad feeling/impression of BMW owners. There are lots of level heads here but too many others. Its like a car wreck though...don't want to look but I do.