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Originally Posted by ft1337
Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
In general, we cut the mids?


Because the human ear is far more sensitive to the mid range---as this is where the human voice is.

Typically, we boot the low end. Why? Because bass frequencies take a lot more power to move the same notes. Look at the size of a bass driver compared to a high frequency driver...

Finally, at low volumes we boost the highs. Why? Because, when combined with a mid cut and a low boost, a high boost will create the perception of loudness.

Now, the mid buzz can be reduced or eliminated with the EQ. First, flatten out all of the bands and lower one frequency band at a time until the buzz goes away. That's the resonant frequency.

If you need more room to cut, flatten out EQ and then move all faders up an equal amount, say +3. Then start cutting mids until buzz stops.

Next, there may be harmonics that cause a low frequency to generate a mid buzz.
I think a better solution would be to fix the panels correctly since he may not want to alter his listening experience?

Anytime the mid-range is rattling the walls, it really tells me that the sound is upside down. The bass should be rattling the walls, not the midrange for goodness sakes.

So, by following my earlier post, it may be possible to prevent the "honking" sound from vibrating and driving him crazy. Plus, the added benefit is that his music will sound better.

The ear can acclimate to the crappiest of sounds. So, I would expect that even if lowering a mid frequency sounds a little different, the OP will be more than happy to stop the vibration of the door panels.

The OP is taking a ton of sound energy and pushing it at the mid range. So, I am sure his system will rock by shifting all of that sound energy to the low frequencies where it belongs.

Finally, BMW is known for notching certain frequencies to allow for engine noise to come into the cabin.

That means even your flat EQ is not flat. Thus, the listener's experience is already compromised.