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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
Professional reviewers? Is it professional to complain about the brakes when you have all season tires fitted, which he (above) said was the case ?

A few test drives are, in my eyes, not enough when you clearly are an owner of what you yourself consider to be a legendary and awesome machine (judging by how you talk about your N54 equipped monster). Bias?

And for your second point, you´re right, I didnt ask "are you a skilled driver" so why insinuate that I did. I used another way of describing "knowing how to drive" with "being skilled", is THAT hard to comprehend. Trying to catch cheap points or what? Well you dropped the ball on that one as well
You can pick on professional reviews as much as you want - doesn't change the fact that the braking performance is roundly criticized as poor. As I said, MSport doesn't offet better/bigger brakes - just less noisier ones. With respect to tires - a majority of BMWs are sold with all seasons - why would anyone have to put up with 190 feet stopping distances if they had all seasons - 20 feet more than the plaid Honda Accord? You call that great braking?

With respect to bias - of course some bais comes in, but I was one who really wanted to like the F30, but couldn't. As you probably read (but obviously not comprehended) - I kept saying 'IMO' before you butted in with your insults.

Third - I didn't insinuate anything - you asked me first 'if I knew how to drive' to which I answered 'yes I did', and mentioned my car - and your retort 'does driving an N54 make you a skilled driver?' plus your usual silly emoticons. To that I responded that I never said that I am a skilled driver because I drive an N54 - only that yes, I do know how to drive in the literal sense. Drop the ball anyone?

Last - with trying to make cheap points - you are the master of that - from your first post all you are trying to do is score cheap points.