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I plead the 5th.
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Thumbs up EAS | European Auto Source - TOP NOTCH SoCal Performance Shop! My Experience...

This post is the result of being genuinely impressed with this shop. I've been to various tuner shops in the Euro & JDM world and EAS is second to none. While I work nearby European Auto Source, I was yet to have them work on my F30. Big thanks to Tom@EAS & Steve@EAS for taking great care of my car.

Finally the time came and my CKS Suspension coilovers arrived. I contacted EAS and ended up speaking with both Tom and Steve and set up an appointment for a Thursday evening install. Thursday came, and I excitedly headed over to EAS. Upon pulling into their parking lot, I was greeted by their two M-powered supercharged shop/track cars:

I pulled into a parking spot and handed my keys off to Steve, who then proceeded to pull straight into an empty bay that was awaiting my car. To give you a visual, the EAS garage is an impeccably clean, large warehouse, dedicated to BMW tuning. Glancing in, you see racks upon racks of stocked product on one side, and on the other side, three full sized lifts complimented by an in-ground dynojet dyno. It was clear to me that these guys mean business and take their work seriously.

Before I knew it, my car was in the air, OE suspension coming off. Bye, bye, wheel gap! Typically I will do my own installs but damn, it felt good knowing my car was in trustworthy hands:

At this point I should add that while there were various BMW's in the EAS lot/garage, I believe mine was the only non-M. F10 M5, E86 Z4M, Multiple E9x & E46 M3's... talk about intimidating! Nonetheless, the EAS staff treated me no different than any other customer, despite the fact I brought in a measly 328i

EAS jumped through hoops to make this install quick & clean. Soon later, the car was on the ground and they called me over to check out the ride height. To my dismay, the front and rear were nowhere near even. CRAP! I had neglected to tell them I had messed with the perches prior to handing the coilovers over for install; I assumed I'd have to fine tune this later, on my own. EAS then happily offered to tweak my ride height multiple times, until I was 100% satisfied. Final result below - rear fender hangs a bit lower than front, though the front of the car sits approximately 12mm lower than the rear; typical BMW rake:

I recommend anyone in the Southern California area give these guys a call or stop by to check out their shop. Based on my experience, I have no problem recommending them to friends and family. I can't wait to stop by again to find out what numbers my N26 is putting down to the wheels on their dyno. One week later, I installed my VMR Wheels V705 as well (gotta get the hands dirty at least a little bit ). Can't roll low on stock wheels for too long

Apologies for the cell phone shots, real photos coming soon

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