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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
What # is your key?

You can set the seat position in the Idrive / Driver Profile.

But - the car is designed so that it only sets the key to that position if you've switched drivers. If you move the seat, get out, then get back in - the seat will stay in the same position. Not sure if that's the issue you're referring to. Not so much an issue IMO - I hated the fact that my Acura would auto adjust every time you unlocked it. Every time I would take people out to lunch and adjust the seat, it would automatically move back and crush their legs when we'd get back in.
HAHA, just thought it was so funny that I also moved from my old TL that did this same thing. Since I'm tall I would always move the seat up to let people sit behind me and after lunch, bam back goes the seat.