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Originally Posted by KellerKiller
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This may be a stupid question, but is there some trick to filling the washer fluid. I opened the cap to the reservoir and about 2 inches below that, their is a solid piece of plastic covering over where the hole usually goes down. There is however, a small hole in the side, right under the reservoir cap. I imagine it could be filled through that but you would need a funnel with a tube on the end to stick in the sideways hole. This seems pretty stupid to me, so i'm thinking the solid plastic piece shouldn't be there. Just wondering what everyone else's looks like?
Lol you just have to pour carefully. The tube on the side drains the little basin quick enough, but still, if you dump too much, it'll spill over. I have the winter package, and the headlight washers spray A LOT of fluid, so I've refilled mine a few times this month. The reservoir holds a little more than 2 gallons (if memory serves), so you just have to be patient and steady handed. It also helps if you carb the seal from the bottle instead of just ripping it off.

The only irritation I have is that there's no way to tell how close to full you are until it stops draining. So, it helps to know exactly how much it holds and then just empty it before refilling.
Thanks everyone for the replies! That is a goofy set up lol