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Some further thoughts on fuel economy as I approach 1500 miles. I have to assume with break-in, engine management software and fuel economy should be fairly stable at this point.

Assuming I use Eco Pro 90% of the time I'm in heavy-traffic situations, I average 27-28mpg. I would like to see better, but I have to remember I'm driving a 3800lb car that can also zoom around when needed. Highway can manage 33mpg for extended trips.

I think the EPA estimates of 25/28/33 are accurate for this car. Although I've never experienced as low as 25mpg myself. If you use Sport mode more often, and get on the throttle, 25mpg for city might be appropriate.

When the battery has sufficient charge, and I'm gentle with the throttle, I can take off from a light and hit 33mph on pure battery power. I think BMW says this can occur "up to 47mph", but I think anything over 20mph is impressive.

When I look at it overall, I'd say this car nets me 328i fuel economy, with 335i performance. Technically, the AH3 is currently a $3K premium over a 335i, but I would imagine any moderate negotiating skills would cut the delta between the AH3 and a 335i to ~$1500 or less, based simply on the high demand, low stock of 335i cars, currently.
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