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Interesting comparison to your A4. My previous daily driver was a 2006 Accord with the 166hp I4. The AH3 has 2X the horsepower and torque, and averages 10% better economy than my Honda!

Speaking of is kind of unfair to compare the AH3 fuel ecomony numbers to the 328i/335i. I think to get respective mpg out of the 328i/335i, you'd have to use A.S.S. With the AH3, I really can't notice ASS. The engagement is so smooth I never notice unless I deliberately watch the tach. Passengers don't notice either. They just plain cannot tell. When I'm in a 328i (especially), the ASS transition is terribly distracting to me. I only recall a light shudder a single time recently, while at a light on low battery the ICE kicked back on while stopped at a light. This is less intrusive than what happens in the normal F30. During normal driving, I never feel it. Seriously.
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