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Originally Posted by bizzyqu View Post
so a flash drive will do it then?
As TheObviousChild says, it certainly is.

For example, do you use iTunes/Amazon MP3/Google Play? If so just copy over your entire iTunes/Amazon/Google music folder to the USB and job's a good 'un. Select External Devices and you've got all your music sorted correctly and with album art.

As far as searching is concerned I've never bothered. It seems overly complicated to me. Just click on search and it will list all the artists alphabetically. Scroll to find what you want.

However, I am quite anal about tags/info/art etc and I do tend to run my media through Bliss.

Note: I'm in the UK and this is my experience with Pro Media in an '11 E91 and Business Media/Pro Media in a '12 F31.