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Originally Posted by kobechrome View Post
I've seen a couple of posts on this but none that have satisfactorily explained the differences.

So... what's the difference between putting the car in DS mode (shifter to the left) and putting it in Sport mode (button pushed up for sport). And what happens if you drive in both modes at the same time? Is there any further benefit or difference?

You can also shift into DS mode WHILE in any of the drive modes (EcoPro, Comfort, Sport, Sport+) What does DS mode in each of these modes?

DS mode does not change throttle mapping -- it only changes the transmission mapping AND defeats Auto-Start-Stop.

Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport modes all have a default transmission mapping (eco, normal, or sport) plus a throttle mapping.

EcoPro + DS vs EcoPro: Higher shiftpoints, no ASS.

Comfort + DS vs Comfort: Higher shift points, no ASS.

Sport + DS vs Sport: no ASS.

Defeating ASS is probably the most useful part of being in DS + Sport mode vs just Sport mode. In fact on the ActiveHybrid models it's the only way of forcing the engine on (we don't have an ASS defeat button).