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You say your current suspension is not so family friendly. What is your set up now? I have heard nothing but great things about AST coilovers. Read the reviews from other forums, including Subaru, VW, and BMW. I have not read one bad one; many give overwhelming praise for being very competent on track and pretty street friendly. You can also choose your specific spring rates. Unfortunately, they don't have any for the F30--yet. I'm sure it is only a matter of time.

What is your stock suspension? I have the Sport Line. It feels pretty soft to me but I have not pushed it yet. Assuming camber plates are out now or will be out soon, you could just go with camber plates and stiffer front bar. Your stock ride should not be altered much with that set up but should be noticeably more competent on track. I am currious if any one has experience on the F30 with either camber plates or a front sway.
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