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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
anyone with a 2013 get window roll up and folding mirrors through fob to work?
i have the two set to activ and wert 01 but it doesnt do anything when i press the lock button on my key
You also have to change the KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB from nicht_aktiv (werte=01) to aktiv (werte=00).

That activates the fob.

Just change the pull-down value and note that the corresponding aktiv werte value is 0, not 1 like it normally is for aktiv/nicht_aktiv values.

If you change the werte value to 01, you will deactivate the setting.

You also have to hold the button down for 2-3 seconds before anything happens.

If you want to reduce this delay, see the posts just above here regarding the KOMFORT_SCHLIESSEN value. I have mine set to 0 which works great for me.