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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
No clue!

Just a side point on how different strokes for different folks. I personally did not want wood anything in my car and I hated the look of the saddle brown leather. There was a car on the lot (black) that I loved the color but could not live with the interior (brown saddle or whatever and luxury model).

So I went with the melborne red sports with black seats and the aluminum/silver even though it had a few options I didn't care about much (power rear shade...).

I find it interesting that something I may think looks horrible, others think is gorgeous and cant live without. Talk about totally different tastes.
I agree... i am finding more and more friends think wood is old fashioned. Maybe I am too. 6 speed manual, wood interior. I am trying to recapture a car I had in 2003... that 330i was beautiful.

I had metal trim in a Porsche (actually think it was painted plastic to be exact) BUt it worked for that car.

BMW's to me are stately. This new 335i is a winner if you can decide on a Line which I still struggle to do.

M Sport is the closest I get, but then I question if I want an M look. But all have their charm I guess.