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Originally Posted by ric124 View Post
They know that I have the springs but they still put me in D-Stock. Look like the allow a certain amount of modifications in the class because most of the other BMW's had work done too like suspension and exhaust.

I search through the list and all BMW's was in D-Stock except two which where in RTR - Road tire RWD - which basically mean bone stock from factory
The basic rules for all Stock classes are like this:

- air filter (only) can be replaced, but not the whole intake system
- cat-back exhaust is allowed
- header, or downpipes are to be untouched

- stock springs only
- aftermarket shocks are allowed
- one sway bar only (either front or rear, but not both)
- camber kits are not allowed

- OEM calipers only
- no BBKs
- any brake pads can be used
- SS brake lines are allowed ONLY for cars manufactured before 1992

Wheels & Tires:
- OEM size wheels only, but offset can be +/- 1/4" from the factory
- any size tires you can squeeze into the OEM width
- for Stock classes, r-compound tires are allowed; for the new RT classes, only street tires with min. 140 treadwear are allowed

Everything else should remain stock.

So the people in your region are not following the SCCA rules, or they have some sort of regional sup reg.

If you want to read up on the Stock rules, here's the link to SCCA's 2013 rule book (Stock class is section 13),
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