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Originally Posted by crow

Lol! Yeah, sure, I see.

You wanna take the car apart and possibly scratch, nick, or bang something up instead of just turning a few knobs here and there on the EQ.

Okay. You go right on taking apart your new car. Rofl.
THe thing of it is, taking it to the dealer, will fare you no better. They scratch and gouge and break clips without you ever knowing....dont ask how I know this. If you catch it great make them get you a new panel if you can prove it. Thats what you see on the outside never mind the damage Ive seen they cause not seen by your eye.

Yes they are there to repair your car and there are plenty of good mechanics that care, but there are twice as many bad mechanics that dont.

Plenty of people on here with knowledge that know how to take the car apart. Especially when its your own you care. Dealers dont give a damn about you...

Search around the forum there is plenty of tips and tricks how to quiet your car down.

If its your door panel rattling its the white clips moving around and vibrating. You have to wedge foam in there so theyre thighter. Its extensive its a pain in the butt, take it in to the dealer if you really dont wanna work on your car, but 90% of the time they wont find or fix the rattle. THey just tell you youre hearing things or if its really bad they put that gunk crap on there, that drips and leaks all over the place.

Either way good luck with it.
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