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Originally Posted by dzaborn View Post
My CA said according to the system, my car will arrive at the final processing center on February 6th. I don't know where that final processing center is though.

It is my understanding that all cars are processed through a VPC. What I don't know is how many and where the VPC's are on the East coast? I've seen a map that the boats from Bremerhaven make about 5 stops (Halifax, NJ/NY, Baltimore, Charleston, Brunswick). That would lead me to believe there is a VPC at/near each port, but I also thought I read somewhere that there were only 2 VPC's on the East coast (which would not make sense to me). I assume my car will get off the ship in Brunswick for the trip to Jacksonville.

Can anyone clarify about the port stops and VPC locations on the East coast?
MY CA told me my car hits Baltimore 2/ if yours said 2/6 seems consistent if it hits multiple ports
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