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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
Hi, can anyone give me some insight here?
i tried coding my car just now and everything is fine until i click "code FDL"
the pop up comes up and it goes through the process but in the i keep on getting this error:

cdDeploy ProcessedWithError
cafd_00000794-004_122_083 Not Executable

Whats the cause for this?
i tried coding amber delete and key fob close windows/sunroof and this got this message
any help would be great thanks!

I posted about this about a week+ back. You can use 3.18. Just use an older version and just move the missing CAFD files you need from 48.3. If needed you you want 12_11_505 just move and replace the files in the kiswb folder with those from 48.3 too It's a working workaround.