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Originally Posted by Nikor View Post
The figure i had in mind for the break in is about 3000km, do you think its not enough ?

3000km is just 500km above the bare minimum bmw gives you to break in the car. I would go to maybe 5000km if you are in a rush. Longer the wait before you tune the better.

Dinan is very reliable tune too and may even be safer since the ECU is reprogrammed and all the engine safety features would still be interacted(no sensor fooling and no random warnings). Dinan does cost quite a bit more and we are still waiting on a release.

Take a look at Kelleners Sport Power Module at ( This tune is $1400 now on sale. I believe its the best of both worlds tune. Its a removable ECU that plugs into the OBDII port. Plug it in and the BMW ECU is bypassed. I did a whole spiel about this in a thread here. Kelleners is also very reliable and well regarded in BMW tuning.

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