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I finally got down to coding after much delay, and working through what i think was some corruption in the older psdz data I had. Anyway after updating to 3.22.5, 48.3 set all was good. I just coded the following:

FEM Body--> 3023 --> TCM_MSA_Memory; ASS remember last setting
FEM Body-> 3053--> Komfortschliessing something_FB; closes windows etc with Fob
KOMBI -->3000> BMW_LOGO --> mpm ; M performance logo
KOMBI -->3000 -->GPS_UHR ; time sych to gps
HU__CIC -->3000 -->NAVI_TRIP_IMPORT; enable feature
HU_CIC --> 3001 --> LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME ; make the disclaimer go away

Some feedback in case it helps anyone. It went well, but with a major scare to start:

don't hesitate to use the search function in E-Sys, sometimes there is a long list of options to look at.

Keep the engine running. My first attempt was a huge panic after the car decided to time out on the half-on setting (accesssory I guess, key press, engine not running- I got carried away on an exploration and decided to code on the spot. Because I was sitting in the passenger seat I was too lazy to move around to push in the clutch to start the car. Yes, that was stupid.). So things shut down during the write process. Corruption again. Fortunately exact instructions to recover from this are earlier in this thread. Thanks Shawn! I got really worried for a bit because I couldn't get anything to connect to the car immediately after. After testing my cable, no problem found, I could connect again. Maybe a 10 min rest was necessary?

I was wondering what would happen after coding the KOMBI module with the GPS clock synch. As predicted the car wanted a new input for time. I put something random in, and 10 secs later it self corrected to the right time. That was nice!

My car has F020 12-11-504, so it turns out I could have worked with the old standard 3.18 E-sys, but regardless I'm content with the newer one and paid token.

Next projects are to look at the bluetooth/album cover art things, and look into the speed limit recognition. I have the lane departure cameras, so likely a software only path to success there, plus the activation fee. Anyone have experience with speed limit?