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Originally Posted by phishhead24 View Post
The tech at the dealership zip tied mine into the frame work in front of each wheel under the fender well shroud. It is a perfect place as long as you 3m double side tape it and then zip tie all of the wiring up inside. It is very clean as well. You will see what I am talking about once you remove the shroud. Oh yeah, you will need to remove the wheel as well to get a really clear view of what you are doing. My car was on the lift at the shop, so things were easy to see.
Im confused because to get into the headlight to the bulb, you have to remove the circle thingy.... Are you talking about the ballast being inside the headlight with the circle thing shut? Or did he leave the circle part removed to let the wires go into the bulb? I tried looking at it and yes...I will definitely have to take tires off...there hardly any room to properly see