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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I am very particular about my audio... my home set up is rather nice (McIntosh, B&W, etc).

Here are the settings that work the best for me. It definitely tames the high end/treble and keeps the bass from being boomy. With these settings, you should be able to turn it up with your ears bleeding, or experiencing too much distortion from the bass frequencies.

Interestingly, my settings aren't too far off from member Sirrus
Is there a reason why your balance is more right than center?
Originally Posted by Dabaitu View Post
fixed. 01:25 and 14:39 make for about 13 hours, I missed the AM PM change.

Oh yeah, turn L7 off unless you want your centre speaker to work overtime. Better off without it IMO.
Haha ok, thank you! Yea i've been listening with L7 off but will try it on for a day or two.