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Originally Posted by also1412 View Post
hello kon, awhk, clarence (and shawn if you want to get into the mix),

got swamped recently and finally came back to the coding community. surprised that so many things have changed, you know what i mean about the new security and token stuff.

up to day, the top thing on my wish list is till enabling asian language support - like you guys and i believe many other people have been trying so hard to achieve. My F30 is a UK spec built in Mar 2012 but for media I use Simplified Chinese as primary language (you can't blame my musical taste) and I have long fed up with the squares and question marks, also they show up on the contacts and messages too.

After some researching and coding myself, my opinion about this is still bound to the locale settings, i.e. region or country settings somewhere. I understand that kon mentioned about the missing chinese font, my argument on this is on a software architecture point of view (my day job is this) it makes no sense not to enable utf8 support and include the relevant font in the system, as otherwise bmw will end up maintaining many code basis and releases branches for this system which will be an absolute pain in the ass for bmw themselves. if they deliberately want to disable asian language support for europen config cars (which again makes no sense, this is one globe why couldn't they think about it - there must be asian language users anywhere) they would do it on a "configurable" way, pretty much like the idea of VO codes.

There is a proof about this theory. If you have 6NR and can use BMW Apps on your iPhone, try download and use AUPEO! and listen to a chinese pop station. Surprisingly you will notice all of a sudden your CIC displays Chinese Traditional!! (see pic). If CIC doesn't have the font this wouldn't happen.

For the reason why this AUPEO! app could somehow invoke chinese display I have no idea, but we can see that it is not impossible.

As I have not been rolling my sleeves and doing coding for a while now, my next attempt is to try removing country code and see if there is any luck on a UK f30. I will report back.

The intention of this post is just to bring this discussion back, as I believe once this is working it will help a lot of people, including myself.

Any suggestion welcome. TIA!
AWHK & Clarence doesn't have CIC to play with, they don't have nav - they either have Champ/Champ2/Business Radio which behave differently, and luckily for them they could already display Asian font.

Now, for Singapore owner like me, we effectively have the same spec as you guys in the UK (right hand drive), minus 6NR & BMW Assist.

The last thing I wanted to try, but haven't got the chance to do it still, was to disable all 12 (or was it 15) european language and move english_UK as language 1, then add chinese, korean & japanese as language 2 to 5.

If changing this and somehow you can make the asian font visible in the idrive language selection screen, means we have a go (perhaps you also have to change the country settings from ECE to HongKong, China or Taiwan), but my gut feel is if you cannot see the langugage selection displayed correctly, chances are you will only get a blank menu screen that we got earlier.

I did read however the F10 guys did manage to change the kombi/cluster language to asian language. Unfortunately this is not something we can change in idrive. Meaning although the kombi will show all warning & message in Chinese, idrive still display everything in English or squares

Of course it is interesting why Aupeo would show Chinese. You can probably further test this with "ipod mode" (part of BMW apps that allow ipod native view) see if it works. I'm just wondering if Aupeo chinese font works because of another technology like mirrorlink screen dump or is it really displaying native font.

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