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Keep the engine running. My first attempt was a huge panic after the car decided to time out on the half-on setting (accesssory I guess, key press, engine not running- I got carried away on an exploration and decided to code on the spot. Because I was sitting in the passenger seat I was too lazy to move around to push in the clutch to start the car. Yes, that was stupid.). So things shut down during the write process. Corruption again. Fortunately exact instructions to recover from this are earlier in this thread. Thanks Shawn! I got really worried for a bit because I couldn't get anything to connect to the car immediately after. After testing my cable, no problem found, I could connect again. Maybe a 10 min rest was necessary?
You can download/read coding data of all the ECU and go back to your desk (without connected to the vehicle) to check all existing settings. Of course you won't be able to code, but definitely beats sitting in/near the car to figure things out while draining the car batt/fuel/gas

I only time I see the car shutting down is when you have the engine running, then press the start button once to turn off the engine (ACC mode?), after a preset time everything will shut down on it's own.

If you get in the car and press the start engine button once (without pressing brake for cars with auto transmission), i haven't seen it shutting down despite leaving it there > 30 minutes. But I'm concious that the battery will drain so I make sure I off the DRL, mute the music, off all car interior lighting, etc