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Originally Posted by Cisitalia View Post
I am late to this party, but I am pretty shocked at all the silliness in this thread. I am a fairly staunch German car guy, but with an open mind. I have been a PCA member for 18 years and a BMWCCA member for 15 years. My two favorite cars, but I did sway with a Lotus Elise and to the other end with a Corvette Z06. So I have fairly diverse interests. I have been a club instructor for high performance driver events for numerous car clubs. So I do know a little about driving cars on race tracks and the street. But I will say the Cadillac ATS is the real deal and that scares some of the snobs posting here. They are simply in denial and don’t even know it.

I was sheeply going to get a new F30, but saw the new ATS and with open mind tested a few and even scared a couple salesman on test drives. I now am the proud owner of a 2013 ATS Premium 3.6l V6. Items that drew me to the ATS that the F30 did not have were: magnetic ride suspension, a real LSD, much better simple but elegant interior, the CUE (by the way works great) and Brembo brakes. The NA V6 is a gem and the AT and suspension in sport (manual shift) mode is an aggressive great handling car. It’s like having two different cars in one.

In summary, I vote to nominate boltjames as the BMW poster boy on why some people think BMW drivers are all “dick heads”. His attitude clearly sends the wrong message of most of BMW enthusiasts and perpetuates the “snob elitist” attitude.
Cisitalia based on your review above, I've been seriously considering an ATS with the 3.6 and the auto. My previous consideration was to get the 2.0T and manual, but while I've never owned a automatic tranmissioned car in my 30+ years of driving, I'm not convinced of owning a gas turbo engine for high milage applications, meaning ownership over 200,000 miles, is a good economocal choice if the repair bills are high.

Being that Cadillac will probably not mate the manual trans with the 3.6 (not sure why since the CTS came that way originally), it looks like to get the NA 3.6 V6 I have to accept the auto. Based on your creds, and it's been a few months now that you've been driving the ATS, how do you still like the ATS with the auto?

I'm just about to go and test drive both the 3.6 and 2.0T (MT). Thanks in advance for your reply.