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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
Ok, so I searched around a bit on the ED and I have questions. I have traveled to different countries around the world (portugal, romania, morrocco,inda, and most of south america). Out of all those countries portugal was the only one I felt comfortable in. I'm talking in terms like not everyone was trying to scam me or beg for money. So of course my questions are:
-how are the countries that you visit doing ED in terms of friendly people?
-How is the english speaking in those areas?
-how is it with currency, will you need mostly cash/euros?
-with the driving around, is it crazy? Like india and south america i thought i was going to die the whole taxi rides. No one follows rules.

I travel for work, but I have honestly gotten a bad taste in my mouth from overseas travel. Every time I have asked someone a question in another country, it's like "let's try to scam this guy" and i can never get any information if I need it. maybe I'm just a poor traveler and need some lessons, so that's why i'm here!. I've looked at peoples pictures of their ED and was amazed and it looked so enjoyable, so i want to know the little details.
in other notes, I am traveling to lithaunia in 2 weeks.
I'm not sure why you're considering an ED given your history, but Germans are not Moroccans. As a matter of fact, in many ways you'll find Germany more "developed" than the US. I completed my ED in December. I encountered nothing of you fear. I even went to Italy for a couple of days.

To answer your questions:

- Almost everyone speaks some English.
- You can look up the current conversion rate, an you'll take a hit, but hotels can be cheaper in Germany than a comparable one in the US. I think it's dependent on the time of year.
- Regarding the rules, YOU better follow the rules in Germany because there more of them. If you're not paying attention you'll get a 500 bhp Mercedes S-Class right up your ass closing at 200kmph in a blink.