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Originally Posted by artieg30
i'm not sure how much snow you guys see over in NJ but my 335xi was sliding all over the slippery roads before i had a chance to get it into the shop for winters.

That said i was on the 19" staggered wheels along with the summer performance RFT's so i'm not entirely sure how much grip you would've been getting with your all seasons.

Bottom line it boils down to grip, maybe in your weather all season's are fine, but in other areas which see more snow and slippery conditions winter tires are an absolute must.

Also i believe there is a misconception out there that AWD means you dont neccessarily need winter tires, that is a very dangerous mentality to go on. Regardless of drive train layout grip will always be the number 1 factor for stopping, accelerating and cornering in slippery conditions.
Wait that's the exact set up I have. We got an inch of snow and I drove with no issues. I will admit stopping was an issue but I was not traveling at high speeds. How much snow did you get.

I think we have to be cAreful here, if you are getting a lot more snow than we have seen this winter in NJ then winters are a must. But for keeping up with traffic and driving at manageable speeds then from my experience so far the oem 19 staggered tires are holding up just fine. Things may change once we get more snow.
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