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Originally Posted by pallymore View Post
So yesterday I was reviewing my build, then I realized for the same amount of money, I can either get:
DAP + Dakota Leather
Premium Pkg + Park Distance Control + Rearview Camera

So it really comes down to:
Active Blind Spot Detection + Side and Top View Cameras
Sirus radio + Lumbar support + Comfort access

I'm kinda indecisive here...
Active Blind Spot Detection - Sounds nice, but I drive very cautiously. I've been driving without something like that for a very long time and never had any issues.
Side + Top View Cameras - Never seen/used it before. Is it good?

Sirus radio - meh. I'd prefer Pandora.
Lumbar Support - I don't do long drives very often (once, twice per year maybe) So how much this option changes driving experience?
Comfort Access - Nice to have, but not necessary IMO.

So...I'm thinking about changing my build(or not) since there's still time...any suggestions?

I have all of the above. I love the top view cameras, it really helps if you're in a tight garage or parking lot. The side view is nice too, it gives a reference from your bumper so you don't park it on a curb. It's all stuff one can do without, but once you have it, it's nice to not have to estimate.

However, I also wouldn't suggest doing away with the leather. Their leatherette is good... but it's just not leather. The loaner I got while waiting for my build had the leatherette and it just has a way of making you sweat that the leather doesn't.

I also love the comfort access. My wife gets a kick out of the trunk thing (I've used it legitimately a few times) I just love never having to dig my key out of my pocket, or the wife's purse.

I would suggest keeping all of it, if you can afford it. The only option I thought wasn't worth it was the driver's assistance plus, that parallel parks itself. lol I have too big an ego for that one.