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Considering ed based on peoples stories and pictures here. I love German cars and German food. And I have heard Germany is like you said developed. Plus ordering the exact car I want sounds awesome.
I would be learned some basic German before I went also. I want to plan this trip by like 3 years. So id like to prepare now if I can make it an easy transition.
just cause I've had bad traveling experiences I still want to see things.

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I'm not sure why you're considering an ED given your history, but Germans are not Moroccans. As a matter of fact, in many ways you'll find Germany more "developed" than the US. I completed my ED in December. I encountered nothing of you fear. I even went to Italy for a couple of days.

To answer your questions:

- Almost everyone speaks some English.
- You can look up the current conversion rate, an you'll take a hit, but hotels can be cheaper in Germany than a comparable one in the US. I think it's dependent on the time of year.
- Regarding the rules, YOU better follow the rules in Germany because there more of them. If you're not paying attention you'll get a 500 bhp Mercedes S-Class right up your ass closing at 200kmph in a blink.