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Originally Posted by dzaborn View Post
Haha, so did I. Congrats. I am carless now. My CA says it usually takes a week to get from VPC to dealership so I am looking at Wed. Feb. 13th for delivery. Now I have to figure out what to do for transportation until then.

I expected the selling process to be a headache, but it turned out to be pretty painless. I posted on Craigslist, had a showing Tues, and then a second this morning and sold the car. I then had to cancel two others I had scheduled for later in the day... one was driving in from Savanah to check it out. I sold it for only $200 less than what I was asking and end up making $1600 over what I was offerred for trade. I guess that is pretty good.

How did you sell yours TheDuke83?
Congrats to you as well. Definitely a bittersweet feeling as I loved that car.

I had listed on Autotrader and Craigslist. Person who bought used Autotrader and actually bought a one way ticket from Colorado to Atlanta and is driving the car back. Everything came together in about 24 hours which was pretty crazy but somehow went smooth.

I am probably going to rent a car for a few days, however, I'd suggest (if you haven't already) you ask your dealer about putting you in a loaner as mine offered to (although they said not for 2 weeks, but I would expect to be in one by the end of the week). Thinking about renting a Kia Rio in the meantime to make my car that much more amazing.