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I did some digging, apparently if you run an OEM BMW suspension you should run RFTs because the suspension was built with that in mind. After you make adjustments to the suspension though all bets are off and its preference.

The cons to RFTS: mostly the life of the tire is reduced (up to half of regular tire life) and they are more costly than conventional tires. They are also inherently heavier than a conventional tire. extra weight will lead to reduced performance through turns (don't track my car but I drive a ton of back roads and lay into her pretty hard) and the thicker sidewall will damage larger wheels easier than regular tires.

The cons to conventional tires: they leave you in a bind if you didn't bring a spare and don't have AAA. Not BMW endorsed w/oem non-sport suspension.

Google and do some reading if you disagree but thats what I've gathered...
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