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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
Drove home about a mile from the Depot on smooth roads and went immediately into a hard flat with bells and warnings on the dashboard. Got home to really FLAT, dead tire. 2013 335 M Sport.

BMW phone assist wanted to tow me to the dealer at 9 PM (currently closed) but said they might charge me for service after the fact so I declined (1100 miles and 6-7 weeks on the car).

I would prefer to avoid dealing with BMW directly because I basically don't trust the brand or their dealerships for anything other than initial core performance.

Any thoughts on how get better tires without spending stupid money?

Don't want to deal with BMW? Have you bothered to read the tire warranty? Chances are, you'll get a free replacement by going to the dealer. Goodyear and, I am fairly sure, Perrellis come with a one-year road hazard warranty. Under a year with at least 5/32 of tread, it's a completely free replacement.

When this happened to me at 5K miles, I even got a free loaner while the tire was being ordered.
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