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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I have all the options.. except Parking Assistant (who can't park their car??). I'll rank them from least useful to most necessary:
  1. Lane Departure Warning. Useless. Unless you often doze off while driving.
  2. Blind Spot detection. Nearly as useless, unless you can't turn your head.
  3. Speed Limit Info. Definitely handy, but I try not to speed too often. Just saves you time from always paying attention to speed limit signs. It can't distinguish School Zone signs that are only applicable during certain hours.
  4. Auto High Beams. Very handy, as the hi-beams throw out a tremendous amount of light. Saves you from fooling with the controls and not being distracted turning them on/off. If you don't have Xenons, DEFINITELY GET THEM!
  5. Heated seats/steering wheel. Certainly nice to have, and probably would move up the list depending on how cold your winters get.
  6. Side and power rear sunshade. Nice to have, especially if you have kids or have really hot summers.
  7. Driver Assistance Pkg/PDC/Top View. Very handy to have if you park in garages or in the city.
  8. Premium Package/Comfort Access. Once you get used to Comfort Access, it is hard to go back.
  9. Harmon Kardon. The standard sound system is OK, but there is no way to tweak it just a bit. So if the sound is annoying to you, you're pretty much stuck with just coarse bass/treble controls.
  10. DHP/M Adaptive/V.S.S. What makes a BMW feel like a BMW. Without DHP, I could be driving a Mercedes or Audi.
  11. Tech Package/Navigation/HUD. I use this so often, it's hard to imagine buying a car without it.
Nice. Thanks!
I think you only ranked 2 of them as "useless" LOL
I think it depends where you live...
Speed Limit Info is definitely useless to me.
Auto High Beams is pretty much useless to me as well, I can't remember when was the last time I had to use high beams.
Heated everything, check.
Sunshades...I think it's a rip off for nearly $600. I don't have kids now, and I have no plans to have kids in the near future.
HK,DHP,Tech, check check check.

How's the lumbar control? I don't know how much is the difference between having it and not having it.

so the real question is ... Comfort Access vs. Top/Side cameras...
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