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Originally Posted by pallymore View Post
Nice. Thanks!
I think you only ranked 2 of them as "useless" LOL
I think it depends where you live...
Speed Limit Info is definitely useless to me.
Auto High Beams is pretty much useless to me as well, I can't remember when was the last time I had to use high beams.
Heated everything, check.
Sunshades...I think it's a rip off for nearly $600. I don't have kids now, and I have no plans to have kids in the near future.
HK,DHP,Tech, check check check.

How's the lumbar control? I don't know how much is the difference between having it and not having it.

so the real question is ... Comfort Access vs. Top/Side cameras...
I haven't even tried the Lumbar control, but now that you reminded me I will check it out. Forgot to mention... I have the Sport seats (M-sport package) and they are miles better than the standard F30 seats. I consider the Sport seats/M-sport wheel/Sport Auto must-have, as well.

Top view camera saved my wheels from scraping just yesterday. I was close to a high curb at someone's house yesterday. I had to back up to get closer to curb. Without the cameras, I'm pretty sure I would have scraped. Comfort access is pretty nice. When I pick up my kids, I'm usually holding at least one of them. Not having to fish for a key in my pocket or punch a button is certainly helpful.

Originally Posted by vern View Post
Speed limit only cost $100- $90 invoice. It sure helped when doing ED. Good luck
Not sure how you see this price/cost. Speed Limit Info (option 8TH) is only part of the $700 Driver Assistance Plus package, on the standard 328i/335i. If you order the ActiveHybrid 3, it is free - as long as you're getting Nav and the regular Driver Assistance Package.
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