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Don't worry man, I'm on my Summer Continental ContisportContact SSRs right now. Everyone here is so eager to scream were liabilities, dangers, blah blah blahity blah. The same people don't think twice about doing 100 on a highway. I'm pretty sure my stopping distance going 60 in an inch of snow on summer tires is less than yours at 100 in winters on dry road.

According to these people 10 years ago no car should have been on the road during snow, since back then there was no such thing as winter tires as they are defined today.

Hell, I took my 1990 Nissan Sentra POS through a snowstorm fine. I think my 2013 BMW can handle it. Yes, winter tires are better. But that's like saying "OMG THE FRONT OF YOUR CAR ISN'T MADE OF PLAYDOH? YOU'RE A HAZARD!"