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BMW Colors -- Suggestions to BMW Corp.

So, up until the F30 came along, I had to give it to BMW for preserving a buyer's ability to mix and match the interior and exterior colors as the buyer saw fit. With the F30, however, BMW promulgated what colors belong on the various lines, which I must admit I detest also, particularly as they are, except for the sport and m-sport, are a lot of money for cosmetics.

Even so, as one who likes red interiors, I can at least get by with the sport or m-sport lines. But I think BMW need to add a new interior color with the introduction of the F32: Estoril Blue, or whatever blue it is that would match that blue stripe that comes on the m-sport's dash.

Aside from the reasoning above, I think BMW should offer blue because it's a great interior color that'll look especially smart with pretty well all of the exterior colors they offer and because it's a color not often available from other mainstream car makers. Indeed, if one desires a blue interior, one has no choice but to buy a car costing well over $135K. So at the very least, I guess that makes blue an upscale color.

Also, I noticed that BMW relatively recently introduced some new interior colors for the 5 and 6 series -- that chocolate brown color and the orange color. So I think it's now the 3er's turn to get a color of it's own.

Lastly, some of you may recall back when the E92 came out, the red interior was unique -- among the 3ers -- to the coupe. So a blue that matches that stripe would be a good choice to give the F32 an interior color of its own.

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