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Opticoat: 2013 MG 328i Baseline at Detailers Domain


Just took my car in for a hands on car wash and looks like Opti-Coat's holding up great! Car still looks amazing, dealer room fresh (in fact better than dealer room, since those have customer fingerprints all over them ).

I'll consider this my 3 month test, will update with more pics as time goes on.


Just had my car Opti-Coated by Phil over at Detailers Domain in NJ today, and can't be happier with the results. Car looks better than it ever has since I picked it up, and now I don't have to worry about nicks and chips as much!

Entire process was quick and painless. Dropped the car off in the morning, Phil dropped me off at a local shopping plaza, 4 hours later my car was ready. The car, lights, and rims were all coated, and Phil was awesome enough to also clean off some light denim stains on my beige seats, and apply some leather and fabric care products.

My car before the opticoat, after some light rain:

Immediately after Opticoat:

And some freebies for me and my wife!

Definitely recommend people in the NJ/NY area to get in touch with Phil over at Detailers Domain and get some Opti-Coat done! The earlier you do it, the less work will be needed!

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