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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Not if you're parking parallel to the curb, i.e. the situation where ya scratch rims the most

Rear view camera is a life-saver too. I'm only slightly exaggerating on that part... hundreds of kids die each year being backed over.

So if you're not getting Driver Assistance Package, you're not going to get PDC either? Without either PDC or cameras, it's just a matter of time before you scratch either front or rear bumpers, or a wheel. Plus, it's gotta help with resale.
I don't have PDC or cameras. Never have. I don't have curbed wheels or scratched bumpers. I've never run over a child either.

I'm not saying they're totally useless features. But if you're always careful, you'll never have an issue.

And don't get your hopes up that these things will add resale value. It'll be nominal if at all. That's just the way it goes with options unfortunately.