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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
I'd have a hard time using this argument to justify the extra upfront expense for something I personally don't value. Buy what YOU want. Don't worry about what the next guy might think. My experience has been buyers are more interested in mileage, condition and price than anything else. I've yet to run across someone that was concerned with that level of detail. Perhaps your market/experience is different.
I don't worry about the next guy. I buy features I like, and have never had a problem selling my cars quickly, and for a good price. It just so happens I buy loaded cars. I see lots of "strippers" for sale on these boards advertised for sale that sit for months, with comments such as "if it only had Nav", "if it only had heated seats", "if it only had xxxxxxx". Just a subjective observation of course, but I never see a car that takes forever to sell because it has too many options/features.
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