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Too much is never enough

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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I don't worry about the next guy. I buy features I like, and have never had a problem selling my cars quickly, and for a good price. It just so happens I buy loaded cars. I see lots of "strippers" for sale on these boards advertised for sale that sit for months, with comments such as "if it only had Nav", "if it only had heated seats", "if it only had xxxxxxx". Just a subjective observation of course, but I never see a car that takes forever to sell because it has too many options/features.
Enthusiast boards are the worst possible place you can try to sell a car. Typically 99% of the folks who frequent them already own the car you're trying to sell...unless it's something really special. I too always sell at the top of or above the market. Sometimes I load the cars up. Sometimes I don't. Not checking every box doesn't a stripper make however. I'd take odds that average Joe Buyer would have a hard time even determining what features a car did/didn't have. It's very rare to even see a dealer accurately identify all of the features a given car has.