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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
Enthusiast boards are the worst possible place you can try to sell a car. Typically 99% of the folks who frequent them already own the car you're trying to sell...unless it's something really special. I too always sell at the top of or above the market. Sometimes I load the cars up. Sometimes I don't. Not checking every box doesn't a stripper make however. I'd take odds that average Joe Buyer would have a hard time even determining what features a car did/didn't have. It's very rare to even see a dealer accurately identify all of the features a given car has.
Actually I agree. :/ After 8 years probably no one will remember(or know) what are the available options on this car.
I don't really care too much about resale value. Actually I always think that's a stupid argument. Because you paid more for the car of course you are gonna sell it for more. Adding a $2k option doesn't mean you can sell it for $2k more comparing to others.

Cars are bought to be driven, not to be sold again.

I just emailed the dealer to see how much it's gonna add to the total cost if I add premium pkg to the build.
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