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Originally Posted by 335BBS
Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
Congrats man, that's a good record. I am in NJ and you are so right, we really do not get that much snow here especially over the last couple of years.
You are clearly about 20 yrs old and know everything. The rest of us understand that summer tires are useless when the temp drops. After reading your posts over the last few day I understand that your are not very knowledgeable and you did not search your car before you bought it. Everyone that knows anything about cars knows that you buy a dedicated set of winters and summers if you are interested in safety and getting the most out of your car. 300 thinks his m sport xdrive with staggered is THE setup. Good for you . Put winters on it and it will be pretty good. You will go through two sets of tires in the life of the car so why not make one winters?
You clearly have not read anything that I said and have a good way of misrepresenting my posts. Fwiw I have 3 cars, two with awd and all seasons so I have no need to drive my m sport with staggered if it cannot handle the snow. I have an X5 and knew quite a bit about BMWs prior to my purchase. The reason I went with my staggered set up is I knew if it could not handle the winter I can park it so please spare me the lecture on winter tires or research on cars.

You keep stating everyone who knows about tires should put on winters, that's a subject for great debate as there are multiple threads dedicated to that issue. It's bigger than me or you and another way you try to distort my posts.

Here are the issues:
I have 3 cars so I do not need to drive the f30 if its dangerous out there, btw I have not murdered even a squirrel during the past snow storms.
I have driven my f30 at reasonable speeds with no issues and acknowledged multiple times that the car does not stop well but at reasonable speeds its ok.
I doubt the 335i with no x drive and staggered tires will be able to drive like the x drive m sports with the staggered set up in the snow.
I do not wish to drive my cars beyond 45-55 mph in the snow because its dangerous and I have no point to prove when I am driving.
I have no desire to put on winters on all 3 cars, non at all

Work with that, it's very consistent with what I have been saying all along and feel free to create another thread on winters if that's what you want to discuss. Before you start that thread ask yourself how the the fwd cars out there are managing without winters, and also refer to the post about 60% of Canadians who are not using winters. Are those 60% murdering people over there?

Btw, I am 34, not 20
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