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Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
XPENSV or something on those lines on a black e90 320d on the southside here, has matching ///M stickon grills for the turn signals (attached)
Expensive is a relative thing. May be it was a huge upgrade from their previous car, this was 3x the price and hence "expensive". Aaahh some people really live in a bubble. If you're going to brag then at least de-badge the entry level 320 badge.

This brings me to something even more wanky. Last Friday I was driving behind this 2011/12 E92 MSport coupe in white, debadged with single exhaust pipe. It also had a //M badge where the 320 used to be, better still they've decided to up the ante and install a custom black shade cloth on the roof with a cut out for the white painted antenna.

A bit demeaning I think. I've seen plenty of wannabe R33s running around with GTR badges and so on but why would you do that to a relatively classy car?