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Originally Posted by dzaborn View Post
Looks great. Can I ask how much your Opti Coat job cost?
I'd refrain from giving an exact price quote, since it's quite dependent on the the state of your car's paint and how many hours of prep work needs to be done before the actual coating.

If your paint really IS in PERFECT condition, and all that's needed is a cleaning before applying, then really the entire process takes the shop maybe 1 hour to clean and apply, then wait for it to cure.

I will say that my car, which was picked up from the dealer 3 weeks ago and has been driven about 600 miles, took around 2 hours to prep before applying the opti-coat(feel free to correct me here Phil).

Overall I was very happy with the results for the price I paid, and definitely don't feel like it was overpriced or anything. Just make sure to do your research and get an idea of how many hours the shop's gonna have to spend on your car vs how much they're charging, and go with what you feel is right.