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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post

Everyone here sees topic: "Summer tires in winter" and immediately goes on a trolling/bashing/name-calling rampage.


Majority of same people have never been to NJ/NY or anywhere near it. In fact, most are way up north in Canada. And yet they feel justified in telling us what is "needed" for our area, what conditions are like in our area, and that we are threats for not doing what they feel is "right". Go tell our friends in Malaysia or Australia that they need winter tires, see what they say.


They automatically assume that anyone who doesn't agree with them either didn't do their research, is young and therefore immature, or just plain stupid.


These same people that claim "omg temps are below 30F and you are using summer tires? YOU'RE A MENACE" will also drive 100+ mph on a highway and not think it dangerous, because "they are good drivers who know how to drive and have good cars that can stop blah blah".


My summer tires on a wet surface in 30F weather will stop faster at 60mph than your winter tires on dry road going 100mph. So I'm a safer driver than you.


Most of you have probably also changed lanes frequently without signalling. Guess what? This is one of the greatest causes of traffic accidents. Much more dangerous than using summer tires in the winter in NJ/NY

Get off your high horses. Go outside and get a dose of reality. Go look at all the cars out there driving around with no tread on their wheels, broken tailights, running without lights at midnight, weaving through traffic, etc.

Both me and 300hp have clearly stated that our driving on summer tires during winter has been limited to either completely dry days, or days with minimal snow (1-2 inches), on major roads that are maintained 24/7 by plows and salt. Yet you all choose to ignore said statements, somehow jump to the conclusion we're swerving around the highway in 2 foot thick snowfall, and then bash us for this figment of your imagination. Who's the immature ones now?

Re-read your post.
I only go 100+ at Mosport(racetrack) Wow...a little defensive.I couldnt care any less about what you do. Just trying to educate a little. Winters dont cost any more...youre going to go through at least 2 sets of tires in the life of your car so why not make 1 winters?