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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
Not calling anyone names. I just get tired of people spreading uneducated "facts". Doesnt make me feel any better. Most of this forum is good. Entertaining too.
"Uneducated Facts".

What "uneducated facts" have we posted?

We said, "hey look, we took our cars out on summer tires in a bit of snow here in NJ/NY. Yes, they don't perform as well as winters, but we didn't feel any loss of control or that we were in danger. So if like us you're in an area that sees snow maybe 3 times a year, and even then none of it'll stick to the roads cause hey, our infrastructure makes damned sure it's plowed and salted like every other half hour, then don't freak out over winter tires."

We never claimed that summer tires do as well in snow as winters. We never told people who live in true snow regions to just say "oh well" and use summers. We aren't claiming to be driving our summer tires through snowstorms or 2 feet of ungroomed snow on a highway. We FACTUALLY related our own experiences in our area with our cars/roads.

As for you "not name-calling":

"You are clearly about 20 yrs old and know everything.... after reading your posts over the last few day I understand that your are not very knowledgeable and you did not search your car before you bought it... 300 thinks his m sport xdrive with staggered is THE setup. Good for you ."

Sounds pretty damned like name-calling to me.