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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
Just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD lol.

Couple of times each winter, I take the Roadster out with the top down to keep the battery charged. My wide summer tires roll and work like tires. Anything over 2500rpms, enough for the blower to make any boost and I fishtail violently. It's fun, but it ain't too smart and says nothing about tire competency.
True for YOUR case, but YOUR case is not exactly identical to EVERYONE's situation. This is what I am getting to here. YOU cant claim that because YOU feel "not so smart" when driving YOUR roadster in the winter then anyone else who is doing the same should feel the same. That is how YOU feel and more power to YOU for feeling that way.

In my case, I understand that I can drive any of MY cars, I CHOOSE the one I want based on the circumstances. I CHOSE to drive MY F30 in the snow, I did not kill anyone, and right now its safe in my garage because I chose to drive something else today. Its not snowing today and the roads are dry.

I CHOOSE not to feel "not so smart", thats MY choice.

Dont make YOUR situation apply to MINE, we are not the same